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Complete Customer Satisfaction; That is the principle that has guided our Dallas residential roofing companyWe pride ourselves in providing exemplary award winning customer service. Though out every aspect of our installation and beyond we will be professional and stand behind our work and our customers. With 20 years of residential roofing experience in Dallas our entire team has been selected based on their experience, expertise and workmanship. Our team is dedicated and proud of the work we do.

We at Alpine Roofing work with only the leading manufacturers that have been specifically chosen for their attention to detail, their quality products and their guarantee. We follow up that with continued training to ensure you get the not only the best products but that these outstanding select products are installed by our roofing team with the highest level of craftsmanship.

We are your local Dallas residential roofing company serving Dallas – Ft Worth residential and commercial roofing customers. When you need us we will be there for you, then long after the job is done we are here to support you and back up our workmanship with roofing management. It is our attention to detail and our commitment to our customers that has made us the leading Dallas residential roofing company in Dallas – Ft Worth

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Great Roofing Experience
We used Alpine Roofing Construction on our damaged roof. They were honest and very resourceful. We had called several other companies and had no response. Jeff at Alpine made us a priority and took good care of us and our roof. We have our new roof and have not had any problems.

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Dallas Residential Roofing Storm Repair

Dallas Residential Roofing Storm Damage

dallas residential roofing hail damage  Dallas Commercial Roofing, Dallas Residential RoofingDid you know that  2 inch piece of hail hits the roof with the same force as a hammer hitting the roof and it can do as much damage. Hail can cause pitting, broken and cracked shingles and granular loss. If left this roofing damage can lead to a roofing failure, water intrusion and property damage. This roofing failure can damage interior damage sheet-rock, electrical fixtures and lead to mold and other structural losses.

High wind in our unpredictable Texas climate can also cause major damage to your roof. If your roof has suffered storm damage call the Dallas residential roofing company Alpine Roofing. When you need us we are there for you.

Signs of a Hail Damaged Roof

  • Missing shingles.
  • Bruises or dented asphalt shingles.
  • Cracked or broken tile, slate, or concrete shingles.
  • Granules collecting in gutters or downspouts.
  • Leaks in your roof or ceiling.
  • Dents on vents, gutters or flashing.

If you suspect your property has roofing damage following a storm call the experts at Alpine Roofing. We can quickly assess any damage, do emergency repairs, assist you with your insurance claim and advise you on the best product to protect your property. Alpine Roofing advises residents not to climb on a ladder if they are not confident in their ability or in any way unstable. Our experts will evaluate your roof and show you photo’s of their findings.

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Pressure  Washing

pressure washing. dallas residential roofing company Dallas Commercial Roofing, Dallas Residential RoofingProfessional Pressure washing is a great way to clean off decks, siding, driveways, and other large areas on your property. No more scrubbing, sweating, and back pain. Professional pressure washing can extend the life of your roof and siding by removing destructive mold. The treatment also helps reduce allergies by power washing away dirt, dust, mildew and other allergens.

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guttering, residential roofing company Dallas Commercial Roofing, Dallas Residential RoofingGutters play a critical role in keeping your roof working efficiently. The application of guttering and siding is often considered a “cosmetic” addition to a building. But these products actually do much more. Alpine Roofing recommends gutters and siding in order to prevent structural damage through water intrusion and add to property value. Call Alpine Roofing Construction your Dallas residential roofing company for a free consultation.

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Radiant Barriers

radiant-barriers, residential roofing company Dallas Commercial Roofing, Dallas Residential RoofingA radiant heat barrier in your home will help control the amount of heat that enters or exits—reducing your energy consumption and costs. In warm months, a large percentage of heat is “barred” from entering your home by the radiant barrier reflecting it away. As a result, your air conditioning unit doesn’t have to work as hard and you benefit from a lower utility bill. Similarly, heating costs in colder months are reduced by having a radiant barrier, as it helps retain the heat by reflecting it back into the home.

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