Decotech Roof-Integrated Solar System by GAF

In an effort to make solar paneling more appealing to consumers, the North American roofing manufacturer GAF has come up with an aesthetically pleasing product called the DecoTech Roof-Integrated Solar System. With its low-profile design, the new system gives consumers a more subtle way to go green. It is surrounded with an exceptional perimeter protection system to reduce the risk of leaks or animal infestation.

The low-profile panels are attached to the roof with a proprietary frame that GAF developed, skipping conventional metal racks that keep panels elevated slightly above the roof surface and require installers to drive fasteners through roofing shingles. The edges of the array are flashed to prevent water intrusion. This product product is actually integrated into the roof. There are no shingles underneath it, and not a bunch of penetrations underneath it,

Decotech Roof-Integrated Solar System by GAF Decotech Roof-Integrated Solar System Decotech Roof-Integrated Solar System by GAF slider image1

Decotech Roof-Integrated Solar System by GAF

Typical rack-mounted solar systems are clunky and unattractive, with cheap-looking panels elevated on racks above your shingles.

Even worse, in some areas chicken wire is being installed around the perimeter of the system to discourage unwanted guests from making themselves at home. Yuck!

But the DecoTech System is integrated into your roof — giving you a sleek, low-profile look, with less chance for pests (or the weather) to get under your system.

Designed in stunning Deco Black, it looks like an integrated part of your roof — not an eyesore.

Benifits of Decotech Roof-Integrated Solar System by GAF

  • They can generate up to 30-50% of your household electrical needs with free, pollution-free electricity. Talk to the shingle manufacturer and roofing contractor to determine how much roof area can be dedicated to solar shingles.
  • Solar power shingles are an investment that will pay for themselves in energy savings over a course of a few years (depending on your energy consumption).
  • Conventional solar panels may not be architecturally acceptable for your neighborhood and have unsightly wires running down the side of the building. Solar shingles are less noticeable.
  • Solar shingles have a life-span of about 30-40 years which is similar to the life-span of good-quality asphalt shingles.
  • Converting 20-30% of the solar energy into electricity will lower the amount of solar heat penetrating through the roof and into the dwelling below.

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