Gerard Stone Covered Tiles

Gerard Stone Covered Tiles Gerard Stone Covered Tiles Gerard Stone Covered Tiles gerard logo test 300x78Gerard’s roofing systems have perfected a stone covered steel roofing system that provides the performance of steel in a full complement of profiles and colors to suit your style. The Gerard Stone Covered Tiles are available in a variety of designs, Canyon Shake wood shake tile to Granite Ridge metal shingles and beyond and a full range of colors to suit your properties style. Their strength and durability, and ability withstand the elements, not only enhancing your structure’s appeal but your property’s value making them a great choice for your Dallas residential of commercial property.

Gerard Stone Covered Tiles metal roofing systems provide your home with optimal protection and efficiency gains. Their lightweight material (only 1.4 pounds per square foot) reduces the threat of roof collapse and damage under strenuous conditions. Additionally, these roofs have optimal fire and impact ratings. Moreover, the systems are coupled by comprehensive warranties, including lifetime non-prorated limited product, 120 mph wind and 2.5” hailstone warranties.

Gerard Stone Covered Tiles will never warp, crack, rot or break. Gerard uses highly UV-reflective natural granite stone chips that are bonded and sealed to stamped 26-gauge Galvalume® steel panels, which interlock for superior sealing and resistance qualities. This gives outstanding strength. With this advantage of a structurally strong system, installation techniques can vary and allow for a large air space between the deck and the panels. Gerard’s full range of profiles and colors constitute a premium roofing system with the benefits of insulation, ventilation and noise reduction. For these reasons, despite the tests of the elements, a roof by Gerard will be the last one your home will ever need.

Gerard has developed their Gerard Stone Covered Tiles using 26-gauge steel panels that are able to stay intact under the pressure of intense impacts, such as from large hailstones which often occur in the harsh Dallas storm season or pieces of debris crashing into them. The strength and durability of these roofs backed by a Class 4 impact rating and 2.5” hailstone warranty, allowing your family and insurance company to rest easily. For more information on Gerard Stone Covered Tiles, click HERE

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Gerard Stone Covered Tiles

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Gerard Stone Covered Tiles

Gerard Stone Covered Tiles 26-Gauge Base Steel

Gerard panels are made from the best quality structural grade steel. They are rigid enough to tolerate reasonable loads while allowing profile designs without the risks of cracking or significant elastic recovery. They are composed of 30% recycled steel.

Hot Dipped Zinc-Aluminum Alloy Galvanized Coating

The first barrier of protection on our rigid steel panels is achieved when the steel passes through a bath of molten aluminum-zinc alloy. This coating combines the protection and strength of both aluminum and zinc. Developers of our particular aluminum-zinc alloy coatings have captured exposure data indicating corrosion protection of the underlying steel exceeds 50 years in most environments.

Acrylic Priming System

An acrylic coating is applied to both sides of the panel after the application of the aluminum-zinc coatings to further enhance the longevity of the galvalume coating and underlying steel, and provides a uniform substrate that enhances the adhesion of the additional coatings.

Base Coat

Our base coat is a petroleum base with a highly UV resistant proprietary acrylic resin binder. This specially formulated coating is proprietary to Gerard. A generous base coat is poured (not sprayed) onto the tile before quality granite and ceramic colored chips are bonded into the wet base coat. The base coat serves as a base color and bonding agent for the stone granules, and offers a further level of protection from both water and air to the underlying acrylic and galvalume coated steel.

Gerard Stone Covered Tiles Chipped Stone And Ceramic Granules

A protective coating and attractive appearance is provided using the highest quality natural chipped granite and ceramic stone granules. They further enhance the resistance to UV light while providing an array of colors. These ceramic coated granules are sized and applied in such a way to insure maximum coverage over the acrylic base coat; and adds a stone layer of protection against all weather erosion.

Clear Acrylic Coating

An acrylic over-glaze with UV inhibitors is applied as a final coating that gives the granules a semi-gloss appearance. This extremely durable acrylic finish bonds to the granules and encapsulates them with a coating that further enhances the panel’s resistance to physical damage.

Gerard Stone Covered Tiles Baked On Finishing

The acrylic and stone coatings are baked in a drying oven to ensure maximum durability.