Hail Damage

Hail, wind, heat and radiation from the sun, all take their toll on a roof, especially in some parts of the country like North Texas. Statistics show that Hail Damage is the most damaging of all these weather hazards. This may be good news for companies and workers that install or Repair Hail Damage Roofing but, at first, it costs the insurance companies millions of dollars every time a hail storm strikes a populated area. Unfortunately, in the end, the cost ends up being paid by the homeowners who live in areas frequently struck with hail storms.

The size and type of hail that strikes North Texas communities can damage roofing on homes, businesses or industrial buildings. All types of roofing products: wood shingles, shake shingles concrete tile type shingles and even asphalt shingles are damaged or destroyed by hail every year in the North Texas region. The only roof repair that can be avoided is for a home with a metal roof. Even in the case of a metal roof, the storm damage can take its toll in the form of storm damage that shows up as dents and dings.

The danger from hail is not only the possible destruction of roofing material. Often the damage is not easy to see, but the damage is there. Hail damage on a shingle roof looks like a bruise and to the touch is a soft patch. Granules can be lost and shingles can be cracked, chipped or become delaimiated by hail strike.

Once your roof has been damaged by hail, it is important to get it evaluated by a reliable roofing company and call your insurance company.  There could possibly be lingering leak issues that will surface if the hail damage is not addressed.  If you are unsure if there is damage or not, call Alpine Roofing Construction, we give free estimates, so there is   We get calls from a lot of homeowners who say “I can’t see any damage from the ground.”  Unfortunately, you cannot always tell from the ground level if the roof has sustained damage, we have had many instances where you cannot see the extent of the damage until you are actually on the roof.  Again, this is why calling a reputable roofing company is important.  You need someone who is experienced and knows what they’re looking for to evaluate the roofing system for Hail Damage.

Eventually, it leads to moisture leaking onto the structure of the home. Once moisture gets into the roofing construction it can run down into the walls. Eventually, mold and mildew can start, causing even more problems.

When hail falls in the North Texas area, there is little a homeowner can do. With a quick glance at the roof, they assume no Hail Damage has been done, a mistake they will later regret. What should have been done was to place a quick call to Alpine Roofing Construction, 214-528-9897.or contact us online

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