Custom Residential Roofing

With 17 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge and expertise Alpine Roofing Construction install custom residential roofing solutions for your home. We believe that your home can be an extension of your personality and as such we do not limit you to a cookie cutter one size fits all roofing solution. When this property was damaged by hail the owners contacted Alpine Roofing. Alpine Roofing installed a Slate Roof with custom fabricated copper stand seam flat roofing system. This custom standing seam if rolled on site to the desired design and cut perfect to fit the roof ensuring the perfect fit every time with minimal waste.

Custom on-site formed panels are created from a roll of the metal coil, which is fed through a special roll-forming press which crimps and rolls the metal into rigid panels. These custom standing seam panels are formed on site. This allows the creation of panels that would otherwise be difficult to transport due to their length and greater precision. This makes the Standing Seam roofing system perfect for a Custom Residential Roofing system.

Standing seam is a metal roofing system that is gaining in popularity it features vertical metal panels that run the length of the roof from the ridge to the eaves. These metal panels utilize upturned edges to connect the adjacent panel. It is this distinctive sealing pattern that not only increases its strength and longevity. It also gives the roof a very characteristic, fashionable, contemporary look.

It is this distinctive feature of a standing seam that allows for no exposed screws or fasteners which could potentially become locations for leaks. The standing seam roofing system utilizes instead concealed fasteners. This makes this type of metal roof Intrinsically more water tight and secure than the traditional ribbed or corrugated roof. There are a number of different types of standing seam systems. The most common type in residential construction is a locking standing seam which is adjoined with a special tool.

For award winning customer service and outstanding workmanship, call Alpine Roofing Construction the leading Dallas roofing company for your next custom residential roofing solution.

Custom Residential Roofing Custom Residential Roofing Custom Residential Roofing meadowwood drive

Custom Residential Roofing by Alpine Roofing Construction.