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Is your home in need of a new roof? Call Alpine Roofing Construction the Dallas Residential Roofing company with 17 years experience roofing to for the harsh Dallas weather. From the first time you call Alpine you will experience our award winning customer service and see why every roofing company is not the same. At Alpine Roofing we believe the best advertisement of our work is our long list of happy customers. From a new construction or a re-roof, Alpine Roofing will surpass your expectations with outstanding workmanship. From shingles to tiles and metal roofing Alpine Roofing can provide the solution that fits with your property and your budget.

In this roofing project an architectural shingle was used. Architectural shingles sometime called dimensional shingles differ from the less expensive three tab shingles in some key area and are a great solution for Dallas residential roofing.  The architectural shingles gives a sense of depth to mimic the look of a tile roof. Architectural shingles are also thicker and offer better protection in the case of high winds. Architectural shingles are also designed to be class 4 impact resistant. These tiles resist damage and hold up to a much high level of impact from hail which is the leading cause of roofing damage.

Average asphalt shingles without impact resistance may break or fracture during a hailstorm, exposing the roof to moisture penetration. This allows water to soak the roof deck, causing wood rot and leaks inside your home. Even if hail damage does not break through the back of the shingle and cause leaks, the impact from these icy stones can leave your roof looking beat up and ugly. The UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Rating test simulates the damaging impact of a 2“ size hail stone. The test drops a 2“ steel ball onto the shingle twice in the same spot and the shingle cannot exhibit any signs of fracture, breaking of the glass mat, or significant granule loss.

Alpine Roofing Construction are also a full service Commercial Roofing company. Call Alpine Roofing Construction today, your leading Dallas Residential Roofing roofing system. (214)-528-9897

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Architectural Shingles installed by Alpine Roofing Construction. Dallas Residential Roofing Company