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Alpine Roofing Construction is a full service commercial and residential Dallas Roofing Company. With more than 17 years of award winning experience and customer service your reputation is as strong as our commitment to our clients. We stand by the outstanding quality of our workmanship and believe in not only meeting our customers expectations but where ever possible exceeding them.

We work on a large variety of roofing applications including:

  • Metal Roofing
  • Shingles
  • Tile
  • Shakes
  • Slate
  • Copper Roofing
  • TPO
  • BUR

No matter the size of your Dallas roofing project or the desired roofing type we can tailor a solution to meet your needs and budget.

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In this re-roofing project in the Historic area of Dallas we used a classic red Architectural shingle to enhance the historic nature of the property. Making the roof a feature of the property, while offering greater protection from the harsh Dallas weather. These shingles have a class 4 impact resistant rating to give a great protection against hail strike. They are also a heavier shingle with greater wind resistance. Available in a full variety of designs, colors we can help you find the residential roofing shingle that is just right for your Dallas Roofing project.

Their superior shingle can be used in all areas of the country,and are perfect for Dallas roofing projects with their proven stability to high impact and strong winds. To get a better idea of their stability, it’s good to know that shingles are ranked into four classes based on their strength and overall durability.

Impact Ratings

Class 1 is the least durable and Class 4 is the most resistant to damage. With this clarification, homeowners can have peace of mind as thier architectural shingle is an impact resistant shingle. Ranked with a Class 4 certification as they uphold the highest standards when it comes to protecting a home. Keep in mind, Class 4 shingles are not only important from a protection standpoint, impact resistant shingles also lend their value to curb appeal by preserving the integrity of the roof’s looks as well. The UL 2218 impact test was developed in conjunction with insurance industry leaders. It’s based on dropping a 2″ steel ball from 20′ onto the top of the shingle to see whether the shingle cracks. GAF IR Shingles pass Class 4—the highest rating possible. Check with your insurance agent about potential savings on your homeowners insurance.


GAF have an outstanding impact resistant shingle range click HERE for more information.

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