Terra Cotta Clay Tiles

Terra Cotta Clay Tiles by Ludowici

Renowned in the industry for their craftsmanship and their attention to detail Alpine Roofing are proud to offer Ludowici Terra Cotta Clay Tiles. For well over 100 years Ludowici has been protecting buildings large and small with its range of roofing Terra Cotta Clay Tiles.  From private homes to commercial properties, university, government or military buildings, their Terra Cotta Clay Tiles includes some of the most beautiful buildings and homes in the world. Terra Cotta Clay Tiles roofs have been the preferred choice of discerning architects, designers, and owners for centuries because of the natural warmth and permanent beauty of clay. Ludowici’s clay roof tiles provide 126 years of proven ability, limitless product offerings, and the Industry’s best warranty. Ludowici… make your First roof your last!

At Ludowici, our skilled craftsman can recreate a number of finishes that authentically replicate the surface of age-old Terra Cotta Clay Tiles roofs. Custom textures can be applied to match historic applications or to meet your specific design aesthetic. Surface textures reduce glare reflecting off the roof tile and allow the true color to show through. Many tile textures are applied by hand which allows each clay tile to have a unique, handmade look.

Terra Cotta Clay Tiles terra cotta clay tiles Terra Cotta Clay Tiles by  Ludowici lushapesLudowici is widely acknowledged as the industry expert in colored (glazed) clay roof tile. With over 40 designer colors and unmatched custom color capabilities, only Ludowici can offer a virtually unlimited palette. In addition, Ludowici colors are not painted on the surface but fired in under extreme temperature to ensure they retain their original tones and hues for many years to come. Color is included in our limited 75-year warranty

• Fired clay, also known as Terra Cotta, is a durable, enduring material.
• Many of the ancient cities of old Europe are roofed in clay tiles, some many centuries old.
• The Great Wall of China is over 5,500 miles long, constructed with over 3.8 billion bricks starting in 210 B.C.
• The Colosseum and many of the oldest structures still standing in Rome are built from brick. Some over 2,000 years old.
• Made using the same process brick – tile has performed exquisitely for thousands of years.
• Ludowici takes this basic principle of firing clay to harden it and applies modern technology and techniques to produce a wide range of Terra Cotta Clay Tiles products; roof tiles, flooring and wall cladding.

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