Tesla Solar Roof

In the fall of 2016 Tesla announced the Tesla Solar Roof and gave a release date of Summer 2017. With few details the solar roof was promised to be as cheep as a standard shingle roof. This month Tesla has released its solar roof to the public along with its costing.

What will the Tesla Solar Roof cost?
When you include the benefits of the solar production, Solar Roof will cost less than a regular roof. In fact it may earn you money – as an example, the out-of-pocket cost of a Solar Roof for a home in 1400 will be around $52,000, but after considering the tax credit and the value of energy it generates, the roof will actually pay for itself and earn you about $8,000 over 30 years.

Customize the amount of electricity your Solar Roof produces to fit your energy needs. This feature is made possible by using two types of glass tile, solar tile and non-solar tile. Both appear the same from street level. Made with tempered glass, Solar Roof tiles are more than three times stronger than standard roofing tiles. That’s why we offer the best warranty in the industry – the lifetime of your house, or infinity, whichever comes first.Solar Roof integrates with the Powerwall home battery, allowing you to use solar energy whenever you choose and providing uninterrupted electricity during grid outages.

Tesla Solar Roof Pricing Calculator Click HERE

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Tesla Solar Roof Cost

Based on a 2 story 2000 sq house with single battery unit

$34,600 Value of energy

-$42,300 Cost of roof

-$12,500 Cost of 2 Powerwall batteries

+$15,200 Tax credit

Roof square footage 1293

Cost over 30 years is $5000 

Warranty and Ratings

  • Tile warranty Infinity, or the lifetime of your house, whichever comes first
  • Power warranty 30 years
  • Weatherization warranty 30 years
  • Roof pitch 3:12 to vertical
  • Hail rating Class 4 FM 4473 (best hail rating)
  • Wind rating Class F ASTM D3161 (best wind rating)
  • Fire rating Class A UL 790 (best fire rating)
  • Glass coating standards ASTM C1376 EN 1096 (best in class reliability)

Tesla Solar Roof complements your home’s architecture while turning sunlight into electricity. With an integrated Powerwall battery, energy collected during the day is stored and made available any time, effectively turning your home into a personal utility. Glass solar tiles are so durable they are warrantied for the lifetime of your house, or infinity, whichever comes first.